Mistress Adreena

Elite London Mistress
From my boys...
"I've been seeing dommes for ten years all over Europe and Asia, and none of them have come close to you"
From my boys...
"I find it hard to handle being in your presence. Every thing I could ever wish for in a Mistress you have"
From my boys...
"You are a beautiful lady and you mesmerise me. You truly are a special lady."
From my boys...
"Adreena Angela is an amazing experience; sweet soft and sexy all at once- she is simply irresistible."
From my boys...
"Adreena is truly divine, a hedonistic mix of intelligence, beauty, and caring cruelty. Serving her is a privilege and very addictive."



How do I book a session?

Its so easy it hurts. Go to the contact page and fill in the form. Alternatively, email Me directly at Mistress@mistressadreena.co.uk

Remember to articulate yourself, and give as much information as possible. Failure to address Me by name and poor grammar will not be tolerated.

To book a session simply tell Me what you’re interested in and what your availability is and I will get back to you to arrange.

The tribute can be given in cash at the start of the session, but I take a deposit of 50% in advance to be paid by bank transfer.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Taking deposits to secure all sessions is standard practice among Dommes.

It is necessary in order to weed out timewasters, and to prevent no-shows and last minute cancellations.

Where does the session take place?

Generally I session from my home in North London.

I am located two minutes from Seven Sisters tube on the Victoria line, 15 mins from Kings Cross.

For heavier or bdsm session, or upon request, I also use a selection of well equipped central London dungeons.

Do you do foot jobs?

No, I’m afraid not.

Whilst I’m comfortable with self relief and positively encourage nudity in my sessions, I don’t engage in sex or intimate body worship.

How much do your feet smell?

HOW am I meant to quantify that? Ask me this question and it's very likely you won't get to session with me at all. I take sweaty feet sessions very seriously, working out before every session in my old gym trainers without socks.

But I am a human, not a machine, and being harassed or made to quantify the smell is degrading.

Do NOT do it.

Do you sell custom clips?

Yes. I love filming clips and am happy to shoot something personal and bespoke.

Contact Me with your request so I can fulfil your desires.

Are you looking for a domestic slave?

There are always times when I am looking for housework to be completed, errands to be run or to be chauffeured.

Due to such high demand, I only accept house slaves who will tribute for the time they spend working for Me.

Currently taking on slaves for errands, financial servitude, professional skills, dinners, chauffeuring.

Do you sell used stockings?

I sell used stockings, tights, sweaty gym socks, spit water, nail clippings…

All genuine, all worn, all loved, all owned, all part of Me…

Just like you are.

Do you accept gifts?

I do. I love to wake up to parcels, or money in my account. And gifting me is as good a way to serve Me as any other.

You can purchase from My amazon wishlist here: http://amzn.eu/6P5sstb

I also accept Amazon gift cards for my nails, cocktails, beauty treatments, shoes, and Asos gift cards, all to adreena@hotmail.co.uk

If you are coming to visit Me I welcome gifts of French and Italian wine and Prosecco.

I do not drink rosé.

Will you attend dinner/events/drink with your slaves?

I adore my slaves and like to spend time with them when possible.

I love to be taken out for drinks and champagne- but remember I am a busy woman.

I happily spend time with long term slaves and regular subs, but expect to be tributed by slaves who wish me to attend events or accompany them to dinner.

What is your tribute?

Tributes start at £130 for general foot worship and £150 for sweaty feet.

Domination and bdsm starts at £150.

Gift me

I love to wake up to parcels, or money in my account. And gifting me is as good a way to serve Me as any other.

You can purchase from My amazon wishlist here: http://amzn.eu/6P5sstb

Asos vouchers, gift cards and Amazon vouchers can be sent to adreena@hotmail.co.uk 

If you are coming to visit Me I welcome gifts of French and Italian wine and Prosecco.

I do not drink rosé.
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About Mistress Adreena

Ever since I can remember I have thrived off my female sexual power. From the moment I walked through the door of my first fetish club at 17, sexuality and power has always been an integral part of my life.

 Nothing gives me more pleasure than using that power… over you.

 As you enter my world, you will find yourself under the gaze and tutelage of an attractive, intelligent, well spoken Mistress; a well known and highly regarded model and performer on the international fetish scene.

Come experience one of my wide areas of expertise, from gentle foot worship, to role play, psychological control, chastity or severe corporal punishment. 

I am not another internet domme.

I do not hate men.

Rather, I love taking my slaves on a journey of sensual discovery. Many have experienced shame for their desires. I believe that the antidote to shame is empathy, and my gift to you is Erotic Empathy.

My role is to help you embrace your sexuality and thrive in the pleasure and freedom I give you.

Don't not be fooled by my gentle demeanour and soft voice. My dominance comes from within- an urgent and insatiable need to control and passion for sexual deviance.

Be warned: I am intoxicating, addictive… dangerous.

 So... Are you ready to begin?
For inspiration, My wide range of specialties are listed below.
*Note: My sessions are very real, and occasionally, not for the faint of heart! By submitting to a session you agree to accept all responsibility for your health and well-being. Please make Me aware of any medical issues or previous injuries which may be aggravated during a session when booking.

Adult Baby 
Ball Busting 
Breath Play 
CandleWax Play 
Chastity / Key Holding 
Corporal Punishment 
Dog / Puppy training 
Domestic Servitude 
Double Domme Sessions 
Face Slapping 

Fantasy Roleplay
Fetish Event / Club Companion 
Financial Domination 
Food Fetish 
Foot / Leg / Stocking Worship 
Foot Gagging 
Foot Domination 
Forced Bisexuality 
Forced Feminisation 
Glove Worship 
Hair Pulling 
Leather Worship 
Maid Training 
Mummification/ Cling Film 
Nipple Torture 
Pantyhose / Nylon Fetish  

Sensory Deprivation 
Shoe / Heel / Boot worship 
Smoking Fetish 
Sweaty Feet 
Tickle Torture 
Tie & Tease